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The gold standard of permanent hair removal.



Anyone can take advantage of the benefits of electrolysis. Our method is safe for ALL skin colours and ALL hair types/colours.


What does a treatment feel like...
Each person's comfort level during an electrolysis treatment will vary. Some sensation will be felt depending on your sensitivity.

What is the cost involved?
Overall costs will vary by the individual, depending on the amount of hair to be removed.



Electrolysis can be performed on individuals over 16 years of age or with parental consent.


Electrolysis can be performed on any area of the body. Follicles & dermis offers client services in a professional, inviting and inclusive space.


A fine wire probe is inserted into the natural opening of the skin; destroying the hair follicle at its root.


 15 minutes - $45

30 minutes - $55

45 minutes - $80

1 hour - $90

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