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Does shaving make hair growth worse?

Shaving does NOT influence your hair growth. We are breaking down myths today!

Let's put this topic to bed once and for all.

Shaving is our favourite method of temporary hair removal.

Do not believe the well-worn myth that shaving will result in increased hair growth or thickening/darkening of existing hair growth. It is simply not true and is scientifically impossible.

For example:

Does cutting your fingernails result in thicker or darker finger nails? No. Cutting the end of your fingernail does not effect the root/growth of your fingernail.

Hair grows from the root (dermal papilla).

If the root of the hair remains untouched (as it does with shaving), it cannot respond/react. The hair root cannot and will not respond to non-stimulae.

Why we love shaving:

>> It is the best temporary method of hair removal that does not stimulate the blood that feeds our hair follicles.

>>Shaving is inexpensive.

>>It works to reduce the immediate appearance of hair.

>>Acts as an exfoliant for the skin.

People, you can shave until the cows come home! And unlike what you may have heard to the contrary, it will not make your hair growth worse.

Waxing, threading, plucking - all of these methods DO effect the hair follicle at it's root. These are the methods that can lead to worsening of hair growth over time as the dermal papilla, and the capillaries nourishing it, work to re-establish the hair.


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