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How do I best care for my skin post-electrolysis treatment?

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

At Follicles & Dermis, we recommend simple & effective post-treatment steps.

Post-treatment is important too.

Electrolysis delivers treatment energy deep into the skin to destroy follicle tissue. The result can be temporary redness or even welting depending on your skin's sensitivity. The sensation of residual heat can also be bothersome for some clients.

At F & D we recommend simple and effective post treatment steps:

1. Zensa Healing cream - This is THE cream we recommend to our clients post treatment. Our clients are always treated to soothing witch hazel and Zensa Healing Cream at the end of an electrolysis session. We recommend you purchase some for home use as well.

(**remember - hydration/moisture is key to preparing for your electrolysis session**)

2. If the feeling of residual heat or prolonged redness of the skin is an issue, ice can be helpful post-treatment.

3. You may cleanse the skin post treatment. But not IMMEDIATELY after. Give your pores some time to close up. Use only warm water and your hands to wash. Pat (do not rub!) the skin dry.

4. If allergies or sensitivities are an issue for your skin, you can apply 100% witch hazel or tee tree oil to the skin to reduce any skin irritation.

(100% aloe vera or calendula cream may also be used at home).

And not to be forgotten.... ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SPF! Whether you are receiving electrolysis or not.


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