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How many hairs can be removed by electrolysis in an hour?

Short story: speed does not equal faster results.

The long story:

I must stress that accuracy, which means effective treatment, is far more important than speed. There is no set speed at which electrologists can be expected work. There are several factors that can slow down or speed up the work pace. Some of these are:

#1 THE AREA —Some areas are more difficult to work on than others. Like the genital zone, for example. Since the skin is more rubbery and flexible, it doesn’t only take more time to stretch the skin for proper insertion, the insertion itself is more difficult too. Other challenging areas are those of the neck and under the chin, since they’re more difficult to reach and hairs grow in all directions.

#2 THE TYPE OF HAIR —Some hairs or hair types are more stubbornly attached to the skin. It takes more than one attempt to effectively remove them.

#3 THE SHAPE —Sometimes the hair bends below the surface of the skin (known as follicle distortion), making the insertion more challenging.

#4 THE DEPTH —When hairs are located more deeply, there is more area requiring treatment.

Everyone wants value for money but don’t be blinded by a fixation on hairs removed per hour. Speed is relatively meaningless if most of the hair grows back. In the end, permanent removal rate is what matters. And that's completely dependent on your practitioner's accuracy!

If performing electrolysis is the secondary or tertiary focus of your electrologists' business - consider working with someone who makes this method their primary trade. Continuous practice of the trade is an important factor in choosing a results-driven electrologist.


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