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Is electrolysis hair removal painful?

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

The short story: Yes it is. But we have sensation solutions!

The long story:

You will hear this one most of the time: "Everyone has their own tolerance to pain". Descriptions of the discomfort during an electrolysis session vary from “mosquito bite” to "a rubber band snapped against my skin.”

The degree of pain is also relative to the area of treatment. Certain spots, such as the upper lip, are known to be more sensitive than other spots, like the brows or chin.

Pain is the single greatest drawback of electrolysis. As Arthur Hinkel said: ‘A painless treatment is probably a worthless treatment’. Happily for you this was before the popular availability of topical numbing creams! These topicals can make more intensive electrolysis sessions possible, and ensure that you achieve the results you desire.

We recommend the use of a 5% lidocaine cream - this is available for sale at our studio. We would recommend you explore any further options with your pharmacist, or primary health care provider, directly.

Also worth considering when thinking about physical pain, is reducing any general fears or anxiety around having electrolysis performed.

A probe will be inserted in to your follicle opening, treatment energy will be applied. It is understandable that the procedure itself could cause anything from apprehension to anxiety.

Keep in mind that perception of pain involves far more than just physical sensation.

The emotional side of pain is often as important as the actual production and transmission of the pain signal itself. Pain can thus be viewed as merely a ‘‘signal’’ that something is wrong somewhere in the body, until it reaches the emotional brain, where this signal becomes what we feel as pain. So, any reduction of fear or anxiety should not be underestimated as pain relief factors.

So, various psychological techniques, such as meditation and/or distraction, can also provide pain relief during electrolysis sessions.


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