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My teen is suffering from unwanted hair

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Teens do not need to suffer.

The Short Answer: Anyone over 16, with parental consent, is eligible for electrolysis treatment. The Long Story: Beauty industry marketing believes everyone should be: -Fabulous, in red carpet gowns & suits flipping their masses of hair -Perfectly made-up and coiffed superboys/girls in tight leather bodysuits driving motorcycles -Queen and Kings of Elegance, smugly stopping life in its tracks by entering a room Whatever. When electrologists talk about permanent hair removal for teenagers, the reasons why our teen-aged clients seek permanent hair removal are amazing in their touching simplicity. We worry that young people have unrealistic expectations of beauty, but these teens aren't talking about taking over the world with their amazing eyebrows. They just want the everyday things that people their age without unwanted facial hair take for granted. They want to wear their hair pulled back. They want to stay out after 6PM without needing to shave or pluck. They want to like how they look in their senior pictures. They want to look another person in the face without fear of what that person might see. They want to live their lives without unwanted hair being a part of every plan, every decision. This isn't about teenage drama. These clients are seeking something reasonable and honest and human. When a teenager visits an electrologist, they are getting something above and beyond what most hair removal methods provide. Not only does (s)he get truly permanent removal of the unwanted hair, but (s)he is likely to get it from someone who has been there. The relief these young people feel at trading the lonely confines of their bathrooms for the care and advice of a professional who knows exactly what they're going through is palpable. The increased self-esteem as the unwanted hair disappears forever is a large reason many electrologists ply their trade. If you are a teenager with unwanted facial hair, or you have a teenager in your life who suffers from this, electrolysis can help. You shouldn't have to spend your life hiding. -Beth

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